Creating a Hashtag

Live From Wisco is the originator of the "Hashtag" alias. The spirit of the Hashtag is to give anonymous posters a name to go by, without giving away identifying information. Your Hashtag is your alter-ego, and should be fun and personalized, all while keeping you anonymous. I'm not going to pick one for you, but If you have a hard time coming up with something unique, I recommend viewing the feed to get an idea of others that are being posted. Some things to avoid-

  • Full names
  • Last names
  • Unique first names
  • Symbols, spaces, dashes, underscores
  • Hashtags that include emojis must have a text alternative in mind, as this will be the username for the new app when it is released. 
  • Hashtags that are long or difficult to type. This is for your own good, and for those that would like to shout you out (S/O's)