Submission Rules and Guidelines

I do not post everything sent in. There are many qualities I take into account when deciding whether or not a submission makes it to the feed, and the decision is usually made in 5 seconds or less. If your posts are consistently not getting posted, Or if I sent you a link to this page, have a read below.

Submission Not Sent as a Snap- I only accept submissions sent as a snap, not sent as a gallery upload or sent as videos. This ensures that picture quality is high, and that the picture was captured recently.

Composition Issues

  • If the subject does not meet what I am looking for, it won't be posted.
  • Repetitive to other posts. Trends happen, but they can't happen forever, I might need to end them at some point.
  • non-photogenic/stressed smiles, awkward angles, non flattering pictures, etc..
  • Image is too dark or too light or too blurry.
  • Pictures taken of another screen (nice try sly guy).
  • Too much text to read. Keep it to 5 seconds of reading time or less.

Posting Personal Info- Posting usernames, phone numbers, names, emails, road addresses, workplace info; keep it anonymous.

Invalid Hashtag- Your hashtag might not meet requirements, or might be the same as your username on other platforms. See Creating a Hashtag

Spam/Ads- Content on LFW is meant to be genuine and posted for entertainment. If a submission includes a business name, phone number, or insinuates something spammy it won't be posted. I do however, allow people to promote their OnlyFans content through our paid OF Partnership Program.

Geotags and Stalking- If a post includes a geotag or identifying location info, it might not be posted. This is a gray area, Usually large events are fine but basically if I feel it might put someone in danger, appears to be spammy, I might not post it

Improper Shoutouts (S/O's)

  • S/O's are meant to be flattering; raunchy S/O's usually are unwanted and make others uncomfortable.
  • Try to avoid sending S/O's with a bunch of hashtags in it. It doesn't feel special if you are one of 20 others being shouted out.
  • Try to include an interesting background or another subject into your S/O submission to make it something better than just a black picture. 
  • Avoid Hookup-posting. This means posts that intend to try to hook up with someone. I allow some that are flirtatious and fun, but if they appear to be serious I won't post them. If you want to meet someone, come to the next event!
  • Avoid repetitive S/O's. If you send S/O's the same every time, every day, it will get boring. 
  • Using the "@" symbol without including the "#" symbol before their Hashtag. I don't want viewers thinking you are tagging an actual username, because all Hashtags are anonymous.

Manbod Mondays

  • Any submissions for Manbod Monday sent before 10:00 PM Sunday or 10:00 PM Monday will not be accepted.
  • Submissions must have the "tip" covered, and must be more of a body picture than a dick pic.