How To Submit Content

Submitting content to Live From Wisco is very simple, however there are things you should know.

How To Submit

1. Be sure you have the preview account, SubLFW or the VIP account added on snapchat.

2. Within Snapchat, take a snap with either the front or rear facing camera.

3. Add a caption, emojis, filters, etc. (Optional) and send it to either of the accounts above on Snapchat.

4. That's It! Now just wait patiently. All incoming submissions are opened by one of our admins.

Because of popularity, our Snapchat accounts are usually public accounts, it may not show up in your friends list to send a snap. Instead, Try typing out the full username in the search box. Alternatively you can tap on the story, and then tap on the camera icon at the bottom to send a direct snap.




My snap wont get opened! 

  • Make sure you are sending it to the correct account. Some people create accounts with similar usernames to try to pirate your submissions. 
  • There are rare cases that snaps wont get opened. This has to do with the quantity of unopened snaps being too large for snapchats traffic. Your best bet is to try waiting, sending a chat message, to "remind" snapchat of your unopened snap, or sending again after a couple hours.

    Why isn't my snap on the story?

    • Check to make sure that it was opened, and sent to the right account (explained above)
    • Make sure it is sent as an actual snap and not just an image from your camera roll/gallery sent in chat. We only post snaps that are sent directly to us (hence the name "Live" From Wisco.
    • Understand that under most circumstances all snaps have a second or less of judgement time before an admin makes a decision. There is not much time when you receive hundreds of snaps a day! Your snap may not have made the cut. Likewise, it may have not fit into the blend of content we were looking for at the time, or may have received too many of similar snaps at that time. 
    • Make sure there is no usernames, snapcodes, or phone numbers. Live From Wisco is built around aliases and anonymity 


    I want a snap deleted!

    • Message the Snapchat account "WiscoCEO" with a screenshot of the snap and the username it was sent by (If you sent it just say you sent it). Also give an explanation on why it should be deleted. If you are the original sender of the snap it will be deleted no questions asked. But if you want us to delete another person's snap we need to review the request and make the right decision.