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OF Partnership Program

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Grow your Fanbase!

By joining the OF Partnership Program, You will be added to Snapchat VIP, in which you can promote your OF creator account to the LFW community! If you are not familiar with Snapchat VIP, This membership allows you to view and post to the feed through the private Snapchat account, vs sending to "SubLFW" and viewing the feed on Telegram. You will get a decal pack shipped to you with a medium or small LFW Logo Decal, and a Custom Hashtag Decal with your hashtag. You also get 10% off all future merch with code "VIP" as either a Snapchat VIP member, or an OFPP member. Because snaps sent are reposted, You are immune to anyone reporting your posts and risking your accounts being permanently deleted and device blacklisted. 

In order to make this work and everyone benefit, there is a fine line that submissions must meet in order to be effective at promoting your account, but also not be overbearingly spam-my. The most effective means of promotion through this channel is to catch the attention of prospecting fans; without degrading from the quality of the Submission Feed for others who are not interested in OF content. This entails:

  • When you post to the Submission Feed, you can post ".OF" at the end of your hashtag on any and all posts. for example "#Wisconsingirl.OF" I will occasionally post promotional content explaining that users with hashtags that end with ".OF" have additional content to be viewed and will provide a link to the OF Partner Roster page where they can access your link.
  • Captions to your posts must not say anything to the effect of "Join my OnlyFans" or wording that is direct. The goal is to be cryptic and fun about it and saying things such as "my fans will see this get put to use" or similar. It's about being seductive and grabbing curiosity!
  • LFW does not post videos, or extremely explicit content, but you can and that is something you should make a point of that sells your subscription beyond LFW. Captions can elude to this.
  • Be sure that not every submission you send is an ad. You will want to be active and involved in the Submission Feed and respond to S/O's from others in the LFW Community. 
  • Do not compare yourself or your pricing to other members with your posts on LFW or on OF. We can all succeed together.


Memberships are manually activated by a friend request sent to you on snapchat with the account you provided. We also need to add your link to the website and order your custom decals. Be sure to check your friend requests for a new request from the VIP account. Since memberships are activated manually, and there are multiple steps it may take a day or two to be added to VIP and the website, and a couple weeks to receive your decals. 

If you do not have a Snapchat account, you will need to create one before paying for OFPP. To do this, Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Snapchat app. Create an account, and once the account is created enter the permanent username of that account (not the name you can change) in the username text field above, and then click add to cart. After the purchase is complete, you should expect get a friend request from the private account within 24-48 hours. Once the private account has added you, you can add it back and the live feed will appear in your Stories tab within the app.



Memberships are billed as a recurring subscription, and are not prorated. Live From Wisco reserves the right to cancel the membership program all together due to unforeseen circumstances, or change the terms at any time. If a change is to be made, a disclaimer will be added to the private snapchat story feed, and updates will be reflected here. We will never charge hidden fees or raise the cost of your membership plan without your consent. If at any point you wish to cancel your membership; or it has been over 24 hours since the time of purchase and you have not yet been added to the account; contact us here, or reply to your most recent order confirmation email. Any requests for cancellation through other means will not be considered valid. Cancellation is completed within 48 hours of contact. Furthermore, we cannot schedule cancellation dates. Cancellations are done manually and within the 48 hours of contact. So if you would like to avoid being charged an additional month, please contact us at least 2 days before your next payment date.

Your OFPP experience relies on critical information provided by you. Be sure to provide the correct Link/s, Decal text/colors, and Snapchat account in the text field before you check out. We have no way to verify you typed your information correctly, so please do so with certainty and caution. If you have any questions, please contact us. If we notice potential errors in the provided account name, we will contact you by the email you provided us, and will wait on a response before adding the provided account to the LFW VIP Snapchat account. Incorrect provided information does not automatically invalidate your Snapchat VIP Membership; Your membership will continue while we await a response. 

If you would like to change the information associated with your subscription, contact us here. Changes will be made within 48 hours of contact.