Nicegram App (Default viewing method for Apple/iOS)

Live From Wisco was founded in 2015, on the much simpler, early times of Snapchat. However, times change, and so do applications, and their terms of services. Because of the rowdy content, Live From Wisco can no longer offer a free, uncensored public Snapchat account without the punishment of daily account termination. LFW currently exists on the Snapchat app for submitting purposes, a censored viewing account, as well as with the paid private Snapchat VIP Membership program. Current accounts can be found here.

The Solution- Nicegram available on the App Store

Unlike Snapchat, this platform does not terminate accounts for posting adult content, they simply hide them from being easily searched within the app. Recently Telegram was forced to hide adult content from being viewed due to Apple's restrictions. However there is a way to bypass that. Nicegram is an alternative app to Telegram for Apple/iOS that has a work around for this restriction. Even though it is a completely separate app, it still operates on the same servers as Telegram. Aside from these instructions, we will use the term "Telegram" to refer to both the Nicegram and Telegram apps within the LFW Community to simplify things. Creating an account is simple, there are no emails or passwords to remember. All you need is your phone number!

Note: Some of the content of these photos are altered/hidden for security purposes, and to comply with our hosting service's guidelines.

1. Download the Nicegram app from the App Store.


2. Create a Nicegram account using your phone number. You should receive a 5 digit login code via text. Enter it when prompted. Then enter your name, and a profile picture if desired.

3. Type "" into Safari, then tap on the "Submission Feed" tab from the Main Menu. It should redirect you to If it redirects you to the nicegram app, it will not work. Try clicking the submission feed tab from a computer, or uninstall nicegram, click the submission feed link in safari and reinstall after step 5.

4. Enter your phone number when prompted to get your login code. It will both be texted to you, and sent to you within your Nicegram app. Once logged into Telegram on your web browser, go back to, and click on the "Submission Feed" tab again.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the feed and tap "Join". The Live From Wisco Telegram channel will now show up in your app, but the content will be hidden. The next couple steps will work around that.


6. Open Safari and type in "".
Click the link under the 2nd method "Via Nicegram Website", and then select "Log in with Telegram". 

7. Enter your phone number, then go back into Nicegram and click "Confirm" to the verification message sent to you by Telegram.

8. Go back to Safari, tap "Accept", and then turn on both settings confirming you are over 18 years old and you would like to see sensitive content. Then tap "Save".

9. Next, "kill" the Nicegram app by long swiping up your screen so the app is forced to restart. Alternatively you can shut down and restart your phone. The content should now be displaying as it should.

10. Lastly, we need to change a setting within Nicegram. If you skip this, Nicegram's cache file could potentially become very large, taking up storage on your phone. Go to "Settings", then "Data and Storage", then "Storage Usage". Set the "Keep Media" slider to 3 days or 1 week, and the "Maximum Cache Size" slider to 5gb.

If you have been using Nicegram for a while before making these changes, go to the "Iphone Storage" section, tap "Clear Telegram Cache", and then tap "Clear".

You are all set to go! With this app you will get notifications whenever the feed is updated by default. You can disable them by pressing mute at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! 

To submit to the Submission Feed, send a snap to SubLFW on Snapchat. It will show your snap as pending, but it should be opened within a couple hours. If it has been a day and it has not opened, send a chat message to WiscoCEO on Snapchat. For more details on submitting content, go to How To Submit