Telegram Web (Default viewing method in-browser)

Live From Wisco was founded in 2015, on the much simpler, early times of Snapchat. However, times change, and so do applications, and their terms of services. Because of the rowdy content, Live From Wisco can no longer offer a free uncensored public Snapchat account without the punishment of daily account termination. LFW currently exists on the Snapchat app for submitting purposes, as well as with the paid private Snapchat VIP Membership program

The Solution- Telegram Web

1. Follow steps to create an account here if your device is an Android, and here if your device is an iPhone.
2. Go to and tap the Submission Feed tab in the main menu. If you are no longer logged in, Telegram will request your number, which they will then both send you a 5 digit code by text, and within the app. Enter the code in your browser when you receive it. 
3. After logging in, you may need to go back to and tap the "Submission Feed" tab again in the Main Menu for the Submission Feed to appear.
4. Bookmark the web link for convenience.

You are all set to go! 

To submit to the Submission Feed, send a snap to submissionslfw on Snapchat. It will show your snap as pending, but it should be opened within a couple hours. If it has been a day and it has not opened, send a chat message to wiscoceo on Snapchat. For more details on submitting content, go to How To Submit